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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a ceramic microsphere?

A: Discovered by NASA, a “ceramic microsphere” is an extremely tiny, hollow ceramic ball that improves paint transfer, heat tolerance, and adherence without the harmful effects of lead or mercury additives. Spheres are incredibly stable and can withstand otherworldly temperatures and pressures. Up until now, this revolution in coating technology was reserved for submarines, spacecraft and high-tech applications.

Q: Why use Armorex?

A: Well, other companies do offer spray on coatings. But no other product offers our quality blend of ACRYLIC resins, microspheres, and polymers. Only Armorex HB guarantees you lasting beauty and uncompromised durability. You will not paint again.

Q: How do I know I can trust Armorex?

A: All authorized independent dealers are fully licensed and insured. Only trained, certified contractors can apply Armorex HB to meet manufacturer specifications. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Q: What is Hot Tire Lifting?

A: Hot Tire Lifting is when your hot tires come in contact with a thin epoxy coating of low quality, the heat from you tires reactivates the curing process and the epoxy begins to revert back to it’s liquid state and then gets stuck to your tires. We get dozens of calls everyday from people that bought inexpensive Home Improvement Center kits or water based epoxy kits and had the coating destroyed on the first hot day. You don’t want that happening to you! All our Epoxy kits are engineered and guaranteed 100% against Hot Tire Lifting.

Q: Why should I have my garage floor coated?

A: Besides adding value to your home, a coated garage floor is much more pleasing to look at than bare concrete. Also, concrete acts like a sponge, soaking up whatever spills on it creating stains which can be impossible to get out. Our coatings are non-porous and therefore very easy to clean up, as well as being very chemical resistant to gasoline, oil, brake fluid, mineral spirits, as well as most other commonly found household chemicals.

Q: How long has Armorex HB been around?

A: Parts of Armorex HB technology have been used in commercial and industrial settings for more than forty years. But, it took the latest revolutions in acrylic and polymer technology make Armorex possible for the consumer market.

Q: Can I just buy Armorex and apply it myself?

A: The short answer is no. Our authorized dealers apply Armorex according to rigid specifications that assure you the long-lasting beauty and protection you expect from our products. Our trusted application technicians are part of our two-decade reputation for quality and excellence.

Q: Are Armorex treated surfaces washable?

A: Our product stands up to household cleaners, the garden hose, and the pressure washer. You can even use a bleach and water solution if you like. Just in case, we provide you with touch up resources to handle tougher problems like graffiti.

Q: Can Armorex HB be applied to stucco, block, brick, aluminum, vinyl?

A: Yes, Armorex HB can be applied to any paintable surface, even standard vinyl siding and aluminum siding.

Q: But what if I have a brick house?

A: You still have lots of wood trim, railing, columns, and other features that can benefit from Armorex’s protection and give you a completely maintenance-free exterior. You may also choose to coat all the surfaces to improve the look and durability of your home’s exterior.

Q: Won’t Armorex be a thick, heavy addition to my surface?

A: Armorex is thicker than everyday paint, but we wouldn’t call it heavy. Armorex HB has a much higher percentage of solids than ordinary paint. Typically, Armorex coating systems dry to 12-14 mils thick. That’s less than .02 inches, or about three sheets of printer paper. One coat of ordinary paint can be considerably thinner, but it won’t hold up to the elements like Armorex.

Q: My building has several colors on several surfaces. Can you do that? What if I want to change the color of my house in a few years, or a new owner hates my color choices?

A: When it comes to color-capabilities, Armorex can do anything paint can do. Even though Armorex will last a lifetime, our technicians can still mist the surface with a thin coat of new color anytime. Your original coating application will continue to protect the surface, and you’ll have a new color that is often less expensive than a new paint job.